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She Winks Lash Studio holds its opening launch Wednesday the 17th. All you need to do is walk in and you automatically feel filled with glamour and confidence


There is an ambience of inspiration, class, and relaxation. The décor used for the studio is unlike any other. Coco Chanel screams self encouragement at you from the walls all around.


Check out She Winks Lash Studio for some natural looking lash extensions, Make Up and waxing done too while you’re at it! 115 WEST 45th Street. Suite 201.


She Winks Lash Studio Creates Fabulous Falsies!

Written by She Winks on September 24, 2014. Posted in Events

She Winks Lash Studio makes its’ grand debut in new York City Midtown this fall. The new full service eyelash extensions salon welcomes you to sparkling chandeliers, plush velvet sofas, chic pink accents and bubbly champagne at their glamorous space.




Written by  Kelli Acciardo; October 20, 2014

Latina entrepreneurs (and besties) Ramona Azcona and Julie Mella know good lashes. After 11 years of friendship, this beauty (Ramona is a renowned hairstylist) and brains (Julie has a business background) duo finally opened their dream salon — She Winks Lash Studio.


She Winks.

Written by Style Mayvin; October 27, 2014

Last month, She Winks Lash Studio made its grand debut right in the heart of Midtown. With the popularity of lash extensions on the rise, sometimes it's hard to know who's the best in the business right ladies? After all, the eyes are the windows to your soul (and quite possibly your best flirting tool) so you can't just trust them to anyone! Well...let me tell you, I've tried She Winks and the staff there is simply amazing.


She Winks.

Written by  Lovendresses; November 7, 2014

Happy Friday My fashionistas didn’t want to miss out on talking about my fabulous experience at “She Winks” I had the pleasure of meeting one of the owners Ramona who was a sweet heart, she was also a hair stylist for many years so she understands beauty.

The Eyes Have It: Lush Lashes From She Winks.

Written by  Brenda Della Casa;  January 7, 2015

Blame it on Brigitte’s batting or Marilyn’s mascara, but I have always had a thing for long lashes.


While I have tried every lengthening, strengthening, darkening, and thickening concoction from here to Paris (and back), I have always shied away from extensions for fear that two weeks of bombshell lashes would transition into bare brown eyes. Stories of little hairs jumping to their death left me in a panic, and the stress of having to wash my face without touching my eyes left me absolutely terrified of giving it a go.

10 Beauty Tips to Make You Look Instantly More Awake

Written by  Beauty & Style ; March 9, 2015

Apply a few individual lashes of Ardell Duralash Flare Medium Black ($3; to the outer corners of your eyes to give them an instant pick-me-up. Or, try another wide-awake technique that’s booming the beauty industry: bottom eyelash extensions, says Ramona Azcona, co-owner of She Winks Lash Studio in NYC. When the after-effect means Twiggy-inspired doe eyes for up to three weeks, we can dig it.


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